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Written and oral translation (interpretation)


Written translation of texts, documents, contracts, instruction manuals, design engineering documentation etc. is made in format maximum close to the original one. Written translation implies for execution of work applying computer hardware using different kinds of dictionaries, with the customer having a possibility to get the document both in hard copies, and in e-form. Translators of the Translation agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) do not apply machine-aided translation technologies, as computer-aided translation software does not provide adequacy and correctness of translation.         
Together with written translation of documents and texts of diversified  nature the Translation Agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) renders services of oral translation (interpretation) during meetings, negotiations, conferences, accompaniment of delegations, tourist groups and foreign partners. 
It stands to mention that oral translation has a range of differences from the written one. When executing written translation the translator has a possibility to do his work in quiet manner, to refer to dictionaries, reference literature and to plan his working time reasonably; while doing an oral translation the interpreter works in completely different conditions. The oral translator has a restricted time periods to think the translation over, and accordingly, disposes of the only language material that he holds and that he gained for years of experience. That is why oral translation provides for availability of definite features of the interpreter allowing him reach success in interpreting, such as fast reaction, speech fluidity, sufficient vocabulary, experience in the subject translation and some other.    
As a rule, some translators are engaged in written translation, others – in oral. But the Translation Agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) has also such specialists combining oral and written translation. 
When selecting an interpreter for oral translation we take into account all the abovementioned aspects, as well as other additional requirements and wishes of a customer.