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Translation from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian languages


Translation from English/into English 
Translation from English/into English is the most popular service of translating texts and documentation in the sphere of international relations of Ukraine with foreign countries. That is why the Translation Agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) has a large base of translators from English with a specialty in different subjects (translation of medical, technical, legal, fiction, educational and other texts). Translation from English / into English implies experience of work not only with British English, but also with varieties of English in other world countries. We involve into translation not only specialists with a specialty in English - graduates of translators’ educational institutions of Ukraine, but also native-speakers in order to achieve maximum correct and adequate level of translation.   
Translation from German / into German 
One of them most demanded translation languages is German. Translation from German/into German also has specific features, as varieties of this language differ from each other not only among German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg), but also among the federal lands of Germany. That is why while translating from German we take into consideration the country of origin of the source text, and while translating into German – the country of submission of the target translation. Such approach conditions work with specific dictionaries, as well as determines the desired quality of the finished translation.    
Translation from French / into French 
Translation from French / into French is also one of the priority services in our Translation Agency. Translation from French, as a rule, implies work with texts of such fields, as medicine, perfumery and cosmetics, commercial and banking activity etc. The main most widely-spread fields of translation into French are medicine, education, commerce and business, banking and accounting documentation. The Translation Agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) has a range of professional French translators having work experience both in the abovementioned, and other fields of industry and kinds of activity.    
Translation from Italian / into Italian 
One of the most widely-spread languages of translating the documents and texts is Italian. Translation from Italian implies work with texts and documents of various subjects, namely: translation of technical and scientific literature, translation of documents for certification and customs clearance of equipment, translation of bills, invoices, bills of lading and transport documentation, as well as translation of medical, legal literature and texts of general subject. The main trends in translation into Italian are: translation of documents for visa issue, translation of documents from educational institutions, translation of medical reports and certificates, translation of technical and commercial correspondence etc. 
Translation from Spanish / into Spanish
Spanish is also referred to the main mostly demanded abovementioned translation languages.   Translation of documents into Spanish, as a rule, is required for submission of documents for visa issue, for execution of documents from educational institutions; Spanish is also popular while translating of instruction manuals, contractual and legal documentation, commercial and bank documents. The main directions of translation from Spanish are technical, legal, medical documentation, translation in the field of insurance and banking business, translation of design engineering and building documentation etc.