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Translation of documents from educational establishments (diplomas, certificates etc.)


Translation of documents issued by educational establishments and organizations, namely: translation of diplomas, extracts of progress, certificates of educational nature, translation of certificates and letters of reference, and other documentation for college entrance provides for application of standard and specified patterns and terminology. 
Translation of documents and texts of such kind, as a rule, requires minimum time, that by no means presupposes loss of translation quality. In connection with a great number of translation of such documents translators of the Translation Agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) have a large experience in execution of such orders thus allowing to save customer’s time.  
Translating diplomas and certificates our translators pay special attention to selection of synonymous expressions and structures acceptable for different foreign educational institutions with regard to varieties of linguistic forms in different countries (for example, when translating into German  the target country is taken into consideration (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), when translating in English language varieties in the USA, Great Britain and other English-speaking countries are taken into account). Moreover, we appreciate individual recommendations of the customer holding information about the college submitting translations of the documents. 
To certify the authenticity of the document translation, notary’s certification is often required (notarial translation) or certification by the official seal of the Translation Agency.  
When entering higher educational establishments of foreign countries, as well as for submission of documents applying for job abroad, not only translation of diplomas, certificates, extracts and letters of reference may be required, but also legalization (apostilization) of documents at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.
The Translation Agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) renders a package of services required to execute the documents when leaving abroad. Translation of documents, notary’s certification, legalization (apostilization)  - all these services may be ordered with us and you may get completely formalized documents. Consultations relating to translation and legalization of documents are available by phone or at our office.