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Technical translation of documents


Technical translation of documents, translation of highly complicated texts containing technical and highly specialized terms requires special knowledge and experience of work with such documentation.    
In our Translation Agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) the following practice of translating technically oriented texts is applied. A translator is selected with regard to technical subject as having work experience in this field of knowledge (for instance, in the sphere of translating the texts with reference to metallurgical, mining, building, mechanical-engineering, agricultural, aviation industry etc.). Next the customer is offered to agree the terminology, possible lexical minimum, available in already existing technical documentation, possible translations of documents and texts executed before. While translating there may be held consultations with specialists in specific field, as well as with a customer relating to accuracy of selected vocabulary, correctness and adaptation of the original text. Final stage of work is proof reading by the corrector and, if necessary, making changes and additions in the work performed with regard to stylistic and linguistic peculiarities of technical translation. 
Terms for execution of orders for technical translation of documents are determined individually, depending on stylistic peculiarities, lexical complexity, as well as format of the original text. Herewith individual wishes, requirements and recommendations of the customer are taken into account. Since technical translation is often connected with work on instruction manuals, design engineering documentation in the field of high technology developments and projects, terms of execution may be prolonged due to necessity to spend more time for work with technical dictionaries and reference literature, searching in Internet, consultations with specialists. 
Specific complications in technical translation may occur, when the original text is a translation by itself. In this case there may be difficulties connected with selection of lexical equivalents, interconvertible expressions and adaption in respect of linguistic peculiarities of the author's style. 
As can be seen from the foregoing, there are many implicit nuances in technical translation of documents and texts, translation of scientific and technical and design engineering documentation, however, specialists of the Translation Agency “Meridian (Donetsk) successfully deal with all emerging difficulties making maximum efforts to execute high-quality and adequate translation.