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Акция для всех клиентов! Уважаемые заказчики и партнеры, Бюро переводов «Меридиан» приглашает Вас воспользоваться нашими услугами, сэкономив на плате за срочность! Тогда как в других Бюро переводов в Донецке надбавка за срочность составляет от 50% до 200%(!!!) от общей стоимости, У НАС ВЫ НЕ ПЛАТИТЕ ЗА СРОЧНОСТЬ, даже если Ваш заказ является срочным. Интересы клиента – превыше всего!

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Services of our Agency

We render the following kinds of services:

  • Translation of fiction, legal, medical, technical, as well as specialized literature of different levels of complexity;
  • Translation of standards documents:

- passport
- marriage certificate
- birth certificate
- death certificate
- certificate of change of name
- certificate of employment
- statement of bank account
- work record book
- student ID card
- pension certificate
- certificate of title
- contracts of sale, donation
- technical passports of flat (house)
- driver license
- vehicle registration document
- statement of sponsorship
- power of attorney
- certificate from statistic authority
- certificate (extract) of state registration
- tax reporting

as well as of all documents of a standard pattern and non-standard one.

  • Translation of manuals, contracts, memorandum and articles of association and other constitutive documents for enterprises, organizations and private persons.
  • Correcting the texts;
  • Legalization (apostille) of documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, as well as Embassies of foreign states;
  • Assistance in official and private correspondence;
  • Consultations in matters related to the services rendered;
  • Oral translation (accompaniment of delegations, telephone conversations, participation in conferences, holding of business negotiations).
  • Fill-in the forms while preparing to leave abroad;
  • Assistance in execution of documents for conclusion of marriage with foreign citizens;
  • If so desired by a customer, translation of any documents may be certified by a notary; authenticity of translation may also be certified by the agency’s official seal.

* Terms of order performance shall be fixed by agreement with a customer.

* There is a discount system for regular customers, as well as for large orders.

IMPORTANT! Translation Agency “Meridian” declares of its conscious and principal refusal from application of machine (computer) translation technologies, and does not execute correction of texts made by means of special software!