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Medical translation of documents


Translation of medical documentation comprising translation of medical reports, medical charts, certificates, extracts of sickness certificates, translation of lists of patient’s information to medicines, as well as of scientific medical documentation is one of specific kinds of translation.   
A peculiar feature inter alia of medical translation from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages is availability of highly specialized terminology in Latin, understandable for medical personnel and healthcare workers. In this regard the Translation Agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) involves to execution of medical translation specialists with knowledge not only of the original text language, but, et least, with a base knowledge of Latin. 
Medical translation is also characterized by a high volume of medical and pharmaceutical terminology contained in the text, which is why work experience in the field of medical subject translation is an indispensable condition while selecting a translator.   
Definite kind of difficulties may arise while translating and decoding of acronyms and abbreviations of medical terms and organizations. Specialists of the Translation Agency “Meridian “ (Donetsk) also successfully deal with this kind of work presupposing search in reference literature and consultations with medical specialists. We also take into account recommendations and knowledge of the customer during execution of translation from foreign languages, as he is as much interested in successful results of work, as we are.     
Our Translation Agency also deals with translation of medical correspondence between business partners, consulting physicians and their patients, as well as between health professionals. In case of translating the correspondence, the customer is serviced by the translator familiarized with the essence of communication, thus providing correctness and the shortest terms of translation execution.     
Medical translation is not only translation of the text in conformity with strict rules of grammar, stylistics and syntax of a language; its components are the translator’s experience and professionalism, search operations and healthcare professionals’ support. The Translation Agency “Meridian” (Donetsk) deals with medical translation on the permanent basis, enriching experience of its translators in this field, and raising the translation quality level, accordingly.