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Акция для всех клиентов! Уважаемые заказчики и партнеры, Бюро переводов «Меридиан» приглашает Вас воспользоваться нашими услугами, сэкономив на плате за срочность! Тогда как в других Бюро переводов в Донецке надбавка за срочность составляет от 50% до 200%(!!!) от общей стоимости, У НАС ВЫ НЕ ПЛАТИТЕ ЗА СРОЧНОСТЬ, даже если Ваш заказ является срочным. Интересы клиента – превыше всего!

Работаем в обычном режиме!

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About company


“Meridian” Translation Agency was formed by a group of translators with the purpose of direct servicing in translation from/to foreign languages, that is to say, you get translation “from the first hands”. We are not intermediaries between a customer and a translator, i.e. a customer is consulted directly by translators providing a more qualitative level of service. Such kind of work allows us to establish fair prices for services acceptable both for the customer and the executor.

In our activity, for the purpose of constant cooperation, we attract the translators/interpreters having appropriate qualification level, thus providing constant updating of the base of personnel specialized in certain fields of knowledge. Such approach allows us to recruit appropriate specialists for translation of various texts and documentation of narrowly-specialized nature, and of a broader theme. The language base, including Russian/Ukrainian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Armenian, Turkish, Arabian, Hebrew, Greek, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Croatian, Bulgarian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese etc., involved into translation is constantly developing due to such operation system. You work with an experienced team of translators, who obtained the best education at translation departments of the Ukrainian universities. Our work is characterized by high quality and time rate. We always take into account your wishes, and can find mutual understanding working with any client.

Our main reference point is QUALITY of translation being no less important for us than for a customer as we are directed at long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Another equally important moment is TERMS of order processing agreed in each particular case, given customer requirements as well as minimum period of time required to fulfill the order. And finally, PRICE of translation is reasonable and competitive, and corresponds to the real level of prices for this kind of services. It is understood that work with regular customers is based upon priority of servicing and rendering discounts while calculating the cost of orders.

We realize that when selecting the executor each customer relies upon his own requirements considering all the parameters, being important, necessary or of his concern in either case. We are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation, open to dialogue, and always make maximum possible efforts to meet requirements of the most demanding customer.